On Jordan Peterson - he has fluttered my red flags for quite a while. Call it intuition.

In respect of Polly's video:

Look at the logo for Legatum. It is a Roman Charioteer, indicating that this organisation is part of the Roman Empire (you know, the one that never fell but simply relocated and rebranded a few times.... yeah, that one...)






related Latin words are: hereditas, haereditas, herctum, legatum, cretio

The world is their heritage. That is the whole modus operandi of Empire. But still the faces we see are not the faces of the OWNERS. We are kept entranced by the paid staff.

Identify the fondi (another important Latin word meaning foundation).... the family legacies.... then we are looking at the real fat controllers.


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Spike in Whale and Dolphin Deaths - the root cause could also be naval sonic booms and electro-magnetic radiation. If you read the Sustainability Goals you see that the oceans and seabeds are to be protected..... not a word about the sea LIFE. See Article 14, cleverly worded stuff!


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We call Peterson a shabbos goy. His big house is filled with communist art. Been onto him since he started to go public with arabs and Israelis. Some others were onto him few years ago, through what he was teaching in his courses, especially the Biblical stuff.

One thing is clear. Anyone who gets the big media coverage is NOT a fighter for light! All psy ops and shills and gate-keepers! The control system censors and kills true fighters.

Also, people who push naratives that include labs and claims of mRna and viruses are not to be fully trusted. They are either misinformed and being useful idiots or they get payed for fearmongering. A LOT of blood money is going around!

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💯👍🏻 Thank you for sharing everything. Appreciate the video from Amazing Polly. Blessings to all the freedom truthers 🤍💪🏻

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Lucky you, my smart friend, would you like to subscribe, maybe just for fun, to an unemployed one-armed soldier of Christ in heavily sanctioned Nicaragua?

Could you please plug my Substack to your subscribers? I will split with you. I am one-armed and unemployed. I do travelogues from all round the world trying to compete with National Geographic, but I have only 133 free subscribers and 3 paid. And my stuff/photography is even more than personal, lol!



My absolute favorites are Iceland, Madagascar, and South Africa.











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Thank you for this Karen...It is so devastating...

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This makes me so vey extremely sad...

I just bought his books and was so excited to start reading them.

I LOVED this man and everything I thought he represented.

Just ANOTHER EFFING LIE to chalk up to all the other EFFING LIES.

I am learning quickly that I believe in no one anymore and there is NO ONE YOU CAN TRUST!!!

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