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Thank you for posting the article about the pedo/traffickers in Ukraine. I've tried repeatedly to educate my family about this and the answer is usually" it's just too much to deal with." God bless you Karen.

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It Is Too Much to Deal With, because You have No Control over It!!! Now, I'm all about Total Responsibility conceptually, but in this physical universe Life is Improved on Gradients.

Starting with oneself, Healthy? InShape mentally & spiritually? (if you have to kill someone in self defense you had better have your shiat together)

Speaking of Self Defense, Can you control your own environment? neighborhood? in lieu of government assitance or persecution as the case may very well be?

Can you Feed you Family for an extrnded period of time? without a grovcery store???

I address this not necessarily to "you" personally but to a larger audience as well.

I Do Wish All of US Well.

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Thanks you. I agree. We have been preparing for 15 years now. Because of my extensive research into UN Agenda 21, The Global Biodiversity Assessment and the Wildlands Project I knew what was coming and recognize it much, much earlier than most other people. We are as prepared as anyone couple could be. I have been begging people to get out of debt, stock up on food and water. Barter items. Cash. Gold Silver. Ammo.

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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 26, 2023

Google search result - de·mon·e·ti·za·tion



the withdrawal of a coin, note, or precious metal from use as legal tender.

"the demonetization of the local currency will be completed by June"

PS Go figure - demon etization.

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Emergency Fed Rate Cut by June. Several Responses come to mind from divergent mindspheres; One is thank goodness We need financial relief !!! or Two, "What" could have occurred to prompt the Fed from loosening it's death grip on the sheeples??? or most likely Three: the Economic Coup is complete, wrap it up with Deceptive "Help" as 1929 + descends.


Of course you will maintain some semblence of THEIR paper/digital "money" to pay bills etc. But GET INTO TANGIBLES THAT YOU OWN AND THAT IS IN YOUR IMMEDIATE PERSONAL POSSESSION.


please note: I'm not a financial advisor, doctor, politician, or other scoundrel of servitude.

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Throughout history evil has always used government against their people.

Today is no exception.

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The man calling for the extermination of white people is a bit late to the game, and he set his sights too narrowly. What fairness, we all get to die, jabs or transfection, unavoidable.

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Good point and they have pathogens that can attack only certain ethnicities/races too. So if history holds true they will be coming after the blacks first. It is a shame some just do not understand that history always repeats itself. If we all do not unite together we will all eventually go down.

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