Good timing on the global walkout, just put an upside down flag in my window last week. Transfection, East Palestine, 5G kill grids, folks dropping dead live on TV. When my jabbed housemate saw the flag, they actually were angry about it, and I had to explain to them the many reasons why I feel I am in distress. Crickets now from them.

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Hello to you all! On May 13th there will be an international event for all of those who suffered from this horrendous last few years. The most visible victims are the ones dead or maimed by the shots and those who died from untreated cv or other infections and diseases, who did not fit well to the narrative.

But there are many of us who suffered in various ways - discrimination, insults, being outcast from the workplace, public life and places, or simply put in repeated lockdowns.

Could you please share if there is anything planned in your country / region / town? It would be interesting and we still have the time to use and improve creative ideas, so that it could not get silenced and would not go unnoticed.

Thank you all!

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DON'T TAKE GOVT FUNDS! Taking control of educating your OWN child is not a financial decision - it's a love decision...it's a parenting decision. If you need a voucher to do the right thing, you still are not doing the right thing. My grandfather lived through the depression. They never felt it because they raised their own food and fed many others. He warned me of the terrible effects he saw in the lives of people who would abandon their 'citizenship' and start sucking the Govt teat. He told me he could see the Americanism drain from their bodies...and they were never right again.

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