Why are we vaccinating high schoolers?

That line evoked this comment - in reference to the linked article by Meryl '1 in 100 teens had EKG changes.'

Because everyone is under attack. Yes - we are all under attack. The predators are going after their prey. It's that simple. And it's not limited by any age group, demographic, race, or gender. Population reduction has been an 'out in the open' ruling class goal for some time now. Gates talked about it openly -- that if we do a good job with vaccines, we could reduce the earth's population by 10-15%. 'Reduce' = murdered/sterilized.

Along the way -- create ill health, which funds their pharmaceutical attack front. Allopathic medicine, aka modern medicine, relies on drugs, cutting, and radiation/poison......which is the antithesis of a homeopathic mindset - which works with the natural world that we've all been provided with.

Just look at the onslaught of injections that rape babies, with their parent's consent. True insanity if there ever was. The entire premise of 'vaccines' proclaims that the Creator didn't create good enough -- that is not meant as tongue in cheek -- think about it.....that's the actual premise of any 'vaccine'. Amazing what mind control is capable of, when one chooses false prophet worship.

Congruently --- what about the insane epidemic of fentanyl-induced deaths? Turbo-synthetic opioid, that kills in the blink of an eye. And yes, it's a 'prescription drug'......from the same source that is producing 'the shots'.

Advice --- take the children's fable Chicken Little/Henny Penny/Chicken Licken to heart. It covers the ongoing sadistic, evil machinations that are front row, and center, here on planet Earth. Yes - the fox is guarding the hen house.

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Great information, as always.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Hopeful Headlines.

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