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RE: Illegals; "We are voting." Well, sweetie, I'll share with you a compound truth: The same anti-Americans that destroyed our border so you could come here ALSO hijacked our elections. You can vote to your heart's content - but, the same miscreants that you'd like to vote out....well, they OWN the ballot box. Bienvenido a America! Now, you need to learn to speak Chinese....that's next.

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Here's one for you...

“You’re media whores” outside Southwark Crown Court at 13.37 on Tues 7th Feb 2023.

The media are there because PC David Carrick was sentenced to 30 years in prison.


[p.s. Southwark is pronounced Sutherck with a hard "th" like mother - it's a borough in London on the Thames]

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"I am going to share today a quote I included in one of my presentations on Common Core and I believe the time is right for me to share that quote:"

Could you share a link to the presentation, too, please?

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