Thanks for coverage Karen.

it's clearer by the day, the whole notion of 'leaders' is what we need to get over.

We must each become our own authority and realign to a life lived in accordance with nature, in relationship with each other.

No more mediating force directing human life and activity.

its one individual at a time, making the claim, asserting inherent rights.

Whatever our future is, it starts with that.


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Mar 29, 2023Liked by Karen Bracken

Great Content, Thank you!!!

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Thanks, you do good work!!!

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15 minute city madness not limited to urban areas. here in ny state evil hochul is trying to build mini 15 minute cities wherever there is a train station. a gift for developers and weffies


but there is immense pushback. https://www.save1familyny.org/blog


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What I can't understand about schools and parents. Our Federal Government isn't coming to make sure every school system is totally secured. But, we can give Billions to Ukraine to money launder.

The schools and parents are letting the children down when they don't protect them. How many more school shootings and deaths of poor innocent children and staff are we going to take? You don't hear JOE talking about the tranny shooter. All they talk about are the guns. So, it's just fine

because the murderer is an IT they promote. ANTIFA is full of TRANS. Why does

www.antifa.com go to the White House. ANTIFA the new KKK for the Leftists?

Another problem is that society and communities pretend nothing is wrong in praising and

giving awards to these TRANS. How stupid is it for a girl to dress in men's clothing and act like a man. When their body parts are still of a woman. MENTAL

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Are you OK. Didn't see your post today.

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AnonymousMar 29, 2023

Look at who is now controlling WATER, Karen.

I believe ownership and control of the most necessary commodity of all began thanks to my nation's Margaret Thatcher administration and its 'IF IT MOVES, PRIVATISE IT' philosophy back in the1980s.


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Thank you so much for your tireless work and efforts to educate, Karen. I consider you an invaluable mentor. I need to read your previous posts on 15 min cities in the US. Meanwhile, regarding the transgender issue, you will definitely want to listen to Jennifer Bilek's work on this topic. She traces the money and the power behind the transgender market creation and some of the usual suspects (like Planned Parenthood) are heavily behind it. They are using technology (addiction to smartphones and apps) to mind manipulate these kids into this highly inorganic way of "thinking." These kids are being manipulated via tech into believing they are trans. It's all a huge experiment.

Bilek's website called The 11th Hour Blog is an invaluable repository of information on the trans issue https://www.the11thhourblog.com/ . She is probably the most well researched and well written independent high integrity journalists in this space. Here is an EXCELLENT interview she did with Kristina Borjesson that explains the money and the entities behind the trans movement - https://www.bitchute.com/video/ruOmUXicDOGn/ Everyone I have sent this to has immediately sent it on to just about everyone they know. It is really enlightening.

Thank you again for all you are doing. You are a true American hero. Holly

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I absolutely disagree about Steve kirsch. I have followed him from the beginning.

As for Laura Loomer, sorry but all she has done is spread chaos and confusion wherever she goes. She created a big ruckus here in my city of Maitland. All she wanted to do is get everybody in an uproar and then she moves on to the next create a crisis. As far as I'm concerned, all that glitters is not gold with her either.

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