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Your doing Excellent bringing the truth to so many. Thank you Karen. I don't have time anymore. Final semester RN student. Fighting on the frontline to complete this degree and get out there and help people recover from the Great Poisoning.

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Awesome information, thank you, Karen.

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"As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn pointed out, the tyrant is never satisfied. Little or no resistance to his initial demands will only whet his appetite for more power and control."

That is from the linked article "The Individual Under Pressure" - thanks Karen.

What Solzhenitsyn pointed out, with McCullough and Leake being the messengers - is that a tyrant is a fancy word for something everyone can relate to. BULLY. A bully relies on intimidation for it's power. How does one defeat a bully? Stand up to them. Confront them. Challenge them.

Little Toto pulled back the curtain on the bully --- just some old guy pulling levers and shouting into a microphone. Present day, that microphone is the prop comp (propaganda complex), incessantly pounding home it's daily fearmongering drivel to those who choose to participate.

Prop comp addiction feeds the bully/tyrant......it is it's lifeblood. Addiction is brought on by......participation. Case in point --- there would not have been any rona psyop without prop comp addiction. Without believing the boldface lies and falling for the well-planned deception. Prop comp addiction creates - chumps. Dolts. Marks. Fools. Suckers. No time to sugarcoat --- that's what the ruling class is dependent on. They go to extraordinary lengths to create prop comp addiction, so the participants become puppets on a string. How else can you get so many to fall for something that is so obviously a con?

Dependency works both ways. Tyrants create dependency, because when someone is dependent, they're easy to control. That's the tyrant's 'supply', if you will. They can't be a tyrant, without it. So they are constantly trying to fool those who they seek to control. What's the number one fooling tool? FEAR. Perceived fear is the greatest coercion tool there is. It enables the time-honored method of bullying:


Which is the simplified version of the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis

Create a concocted PROBLEM, to cause a calculated REACTION - then provide the preconceived SOLUTION. That's the process that is used, over and over and over again.

A deadly virus has evolved from a zoonotic event in China!!!!!!!! The prop comp goes into turbo-overdrive pounding home the nonstop fearmongering button. Tyranny is programmed to be normalized, for everyone's safety (man, that trick is as old as the hills). Lockdowns are THE solution, until big pharma can miraculously formulate some modern day snake oil to KEEP US ALL SAFE!!!! Oh, BTW - those jabs had patents on them BEFORE the rona. Hmmmm. So did 'the virus'. Hmmmm.

That was the story. The con. The ruse. The play.

In reality, the elaborate rona psyop was created to enable the injections. Duh. And to take the next giant leap toward total control. To coerce humans to willfully be injected with something they knew nothing about......so as to comply with their false prophets who fooled them into believing they couldn't survive without big pharma/big govt (false prophets). And that's where we're at. That's what the scoreboard reads.

Simple solution - DO NOT COMPLY.

It's the choice we are all capable of. No one can make anyone do anything. Compliance is always a choice. ALWAYS.

"People always want to control other people. And we're only here for a cup of coffee. You got to take care of what you believe in."

- that is a line from the movie Bullet, starring Mickey Rourke (1996)

Everyone has the power to choose. EVERYONE. It all comes down to conviction.....about taking care of what you believe in.

Defiance is contagious.

We are waking up

One snowflake at a time

The avalanche is coming

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Thanks for the info. On the article on racism, this is something I have studied for decades. It's not their solutions, it's their plan. It has been used since before the Civil rights movement. Marxism has been used to destroy the black culture and use them for political purposes. There is no such thing as racism. It was created to divide us. It was created to destroy black families and black communities. I did not grow up that way and neither did my friends. Recently, a young man by the name of Chad Jackson did a documentary that encapsulates what we have been saying for years. It is called Uncle Tom 2. History has been perverted and distorted on purpose. There is only one race, the human race. Why do you think the activist Recently changed the definition of racism? D.E.I and CRT are the most destructive ideologies yet. You can view the first 20 minutes of the movie on rumble and you can see the entire documentary for free on Epoch Times.

Just like everything else that is censored, banned and vilified, it is because if the truth were told the race baiters and the hustlers like BLM would be out of business. BLM contrary to popular belief was not started by three black women, who by the way are trained Marxist but by Edward Mann, a white, male marxist.

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Thank you very much. I will look up the documentary. I am a subscriber to Epoch so I should be able to view it.

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Karen could you please provid the link again to the 2 hour press conference that Katherine and Sasha did last week. I would like to watch it and I can't find it. Thank you in advance.

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Here is the link. You might have to push the red bar back to the beginning. They had technical issues and the actual presser starts at about the 45 min. mark. https://rumble.com/v26xpbc-dod-vaccine-press-conference-tuesday-january-24-230p-et.html

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Sincerely thank you.

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My pleasure

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