Re: The one thing I recently heard explained by Sasha was about the contracts between Pfizer and other countries. In the contracts the countries are held to purchasing a certain amount of the injections and they had to put up military bases (and other things) as collateral in case the country decided not to honor the contract. Now why would Pfizer desire to take on military bases as collateral?? Well if you believe that Pfizer is now part of the US government it makes perfect sense now doesn’t it??

I downloaded the Pfizer one which a whistleblower uploaded to the internet and I had a copy which I used to pass on to anyone who provided me with their email address - things have gotten really scary here, for those of us who have refused vaccination and I thought a really low profile (here at least) made good sense, so I deleted the lot with a program which makes recovery impossible

The Pfizer secret contract specifically asked for Embassies and Military Bases (with runways) which gave me the thought of an endless procession of mindless (their souls extinguished) humans, queuing up to be taken away for further micro chipping and modifications much along Musk's Neural-Link design and fitted with a skull cap which connects to the 2 frontal lobes probably with 2 internal wires to complete the circuit -

Universal Soldier 1992 Movie with Jeanne Claude Van Damme - I gave 3 locations where you can download the movie and watch it on your PC/ Laptop connected to your large screen digital TV's with an HTML lead, which is what I do posted on my substack within the last 7 days, I think?

The best bit is the opening stages of the movie, but you would get the overall idea I expect - fast forward to 2023 and all that!! Control by 5G when it is switched on permanently from space?

So Australia: We are told that 98% of the Aussie population have been vaccinated and one vaccine shot is enough to begin the procedure, it probably takes longer than those who have had more shots, so my take on that is watch Aussie and see what happens to the vaccinated there - as they are probably the experiment on which all other countries will depend, when it comes to rounding up their own for further modifications which won't hurt, because there won't be anything left in the skull to feel.

Asked if anyone knew how to get their 10 digit number on their arm to show (after vaccination) seems to be something that is done with an Android phone and not an Apple one - Apple only here - anyone got an Android, put it on their arm looking for Bluetooth devices near them and see if their number "comes up" just like winning the lotteries until you drop dead, when obviously you number did come up?

I have a way to kill the nanotechnology which does that, untried, untested, but feedback appreciated, all things these days if vaccinated, imposing an element of risk?

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